Warranty – Slab Foundation Repairs

A1 Guaranteed Foundation Repair offers a lifetime transferable warranty on slab foundation repairs. (*** see below for Pier & Beam Foundation Repair Warranty) This means that we stand behind our work as long as the home is standing. Our lifetime transferable warranty is among the best in the business. However, there are some details that you need to understand.
  • A change in ownership requires action by the new homeowner. Yes, lifetime transferable warranties can be assigned to a new property owner. But transfer of the warranty is not automatic. Contact us for the transfer process. Typically, we require assignment of the warranty to a new owner within 30 days of the transfer of the property’s title. In addition, a transfer fee may apply.
  • Your actions can void the warranty. Warranties generally are not valid if the home is substantially altered, whether by additions to the home, major plumbing leaks, a pool constructed too close to the foundation, and similar incidents.
  • Nature can void the warranty. Fire, earthquake, flood and storm damage generally is not covered by the foundation repair warranty.
  • Not all warranties are created equal. Beware. Some foundation repair companies say their warranties are void in case of soil movement. Soil movement is the No. 1 reason foundations need to be repaired, making this kind of warranty absolutely useless! Read the warranty information carefully before you choose a repair company.
  • You must maintain the foundation to keep your warranty in good standing. Many foundation problems are caused my uneven moisture levels in the soil. A good foundation repair company will take the time and effort to help homeowners understand and correct drainage issues, landscaping problems and the like, to head off future damage. If, however, you don’t work to properly maintain your foundation after it is repaired, the warranty can be declared null and void.
If you have questions about our lifetime transferable warranty, please contact us today at 214-392-2633. Slab foundation repairs from A1 Guaranteed Foundation Repair come with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on the pressed concrete piers, hybrid piers and steel piers. The intention of these types of foundation repair is to permanently stabilize the settlement of that portion of the foundation where piers are installed. (Within a ¼ inch over a 5-foot horizontal span) *** Pier & Beam Understructure Shimming and Wood Replacement comes with a One Year Transferable Warranty in the area the work was done. (Within a ¼ inch over a 5-foot horizontal span)