Foudation Repair Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

The soft, expansive soils of North Texas are infamous for creating foundation problems for homes large and small. With decades of experience providing foundation repairs throughout Dallas, Lewisville, Fort Worth and the whole of the Metroplex, the team at A1 Guaranteed Foundation Repair in Dallas has seen it all. We have the expertise to accurately assess your foundation’s needs and to make a fair and honest estimate to you on your best repair options. There are two main types of of foundation repair for most Dallas homes: pier and beam foundation repair and slab foundation repair. Read below or click the links to learn even more.

Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

The most common type of foundation repair involves installing heavy duty steel and concrete piers beneath the home’s foundation to better balance stress and structural integrity. Through this process we repair existing cracks and also restablish your foundation to better protect against future damage. Our foundation repair technicians will perform a full inspection beneath your foundation to determine all possible sources of damage: poor ventilation, poor or improper drainage, leaks, termites, or even poor construction from the original build.

Slab Foundation Repair

Cracks or leaks in a home’s slab foundation may be required as an individual project or as part of a pier & beam foundation repair. Common signs of a slab leak include floor and wall cracks, the smell of mold or mildew, or a higher than average water bill. If you suspect you may have a slab foundation leak in need of repair, call the professionals at A1 Guaranteed Foundation Repair in Dallas-Fort Worth for a free inspection and estimate.

Other Services

Like they say, the best offense is a good defense. We offer services to help you prevent common causes of foundation damage, greatly reducing your chances of needing serious foundation repair down the road. Keep your foundation, and your home, safe with the following services:

  • Drainage Correction The installation of channel drains, French drains and other drainage solutions will prevent moisture build up and reduce ground swelling, a common cause of foundation issues.
  • Root Barrier Installation We love our big trees in North Texas, but they come with big risks. Keep tree root systems from damaging your foundation with the installation of cost-effective root barriers.