Root Barrier Installation

Root Barrier Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth

When it comes to a house foundation the expansive soil in North Texas frequently causes movement of foundations due to trees and shrubs sucking moisture away from a house foundation. Slab foundation homes are particularly vulnerable. Trees have extensive tap root systems that extract large amounts of water from the soil, which can cause major damage and require home foundation repair. These trees remove disproportionate amounts of moisture from soil causing it to shrink away from your foundation. When this void get large enough the foundation will collapse to find its support, causing one or more cracks in the home foundation. A foundation that is dry in one area and moist in another will crack. Prevent this type of damage with a root barrier, which can stop thirsty trees from drawing moisture away from the soil underneath a building. Even flower beds that are up against a home’s foundation can create too much water in the soil and create issues beneath the foundation.

Many homeowners are convinced that installing piers is the only way to solve their foundation problems. 

In many cases we find that vertical root barriers can eliminate the need for costly piers and still solve the issues for you, the homeowner. 

Root barriers are the the long-term, cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution to the damage that dry soil causes to the foundations of homes and buildings in North Texas. Remember, we dig root barrier trenches by hand. Digging by hand may take a little longer, but how we ensure that your underground pipes and cables remain in tact as we sever the roots creating problems for your house. 

A-1 Guaranteed Foundation Repair offers all types of solutions for your tree and root issues. 

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