Drainage Correction

Drainage Correction Services in Dallas, TX

Drainage correction is a vitally important repair when you have serious water issues. Poor drainage will allow excess water to accumulate in the area and cause the ground to expand and heave against the foundation. This uneven shifting of the ground will fracture your foundation and cause damage to the infrastructure of your home. Signs of damage will be cracks in your walls and ceilings, and doors and windows that no longer function properly.

Drainage Correction Options to Protect Your Foundation

Channel Drains

These are most commonly used when regarding the surrounding soil is not possible because of an existing obstruction such as a driveway or patio. 

French Drains

French drains are trenches that contain a perforated drain pipe and then surrounded by gravel . The pipe is also covered with filter cloth to prevent soil from seeping into the pipe. These drains are great for removing water that accumulates below the surface

Surface drains

A surface drain is used to remove large amounts of water that collect on top of the ground. In some cases down spouts from a gutter system are tied into this drain to help move the water. A collection box is placed into the ground with a 4-inch pipe is attached underground and graded with a downward slope to move the water away from the affected area. 


Swales are a slight depression in your landscaping used to divert water away from you home. These basically operate like a little stream and allow the water to run off away from your home. In high need areas a perforated pipe and gravel can be placed in the ground to assist with heavy water flow.

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