Slab Foundation Repair

There may be a time when a slab foundation repair is in order. Whether a major or minor slab leak, left unrepaired, over time it could affect the home’s foundation. A few signs of a slab leak:
  • Floors and walls have cracks
  • Smell of mold or mildew
  • Higher than average water bill
Before deciding on the best company to evaluate and repair a slab leak, consider A1 Guaranteed Foundation Repair. A1 professionals will provide a free estimate and go over any questions. Slab Foundation Repair

Options of a Slab Foundation Repair

Slab Penetration

An A1 Guaranteed Foundation Repair professional will use a jack hammer to find the leak. Unfortunately, this means flooring will need to be repaired. A1’s professionals make every effort to contain as much of the noise and mess as possible.


The biggest benefit of tunneling is that the damage to the home is minimized and less invasive. Flooring such as carpet, tile or hardwood won’t have to be replaced with this technique. Tunneling is the most effective tactic for multiple leaks.

Steps After A Slab Leak is Identified

If the house has older plumbing with signs of deterioration or if there are multiple leaks, our professional will do a process called re-routing. Depending on the state of the leak(s), the time frame can take 5-7 days to complete. After the main work is complete, A1’s professionals will clean up the area to assure you are not left with more disruption and mess.

Foundation Repair Options

Determine which foundation repair option (steel pier, hybrid pier or pressed piling piers) is best with one of A1 Guaranteed Foundation Repairs’ professionals. Click here to see the options.

See our warranty for Slab Foundation Repairs.